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10 Tips to Choose the Right Walking Shoes

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Are you trying to be more of an outdoor person and looking for the right walking shoes? If yes, then you are here at the right place.

Without wasting time, let us dive into the list of tips and methods to help you choose the right walking shoes.

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Support You Heel

You will want to look for shoes that can support your heel with a snug heel counter. The heel area of your shoe should feel snug and comfortable on the back of your heel. If you feel a dull pain in your heel, you should ideally be looking for shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Nonetheless, if the heel counter fits correctly and comfortably, then the shoes will help keep your feet from bending inward and outward when you walk or run. Make sure that it feels nicely snug but not too tight.

Keep Slight Room in the Toe Area

For the best walking shoes, you will want to look for a shoe with slight roominess in the toe box. The toe box is part of a shoe that surrounds your toes. It is essential that this part of the shoes allows your toes to wiggle and bend freely.

However, you will want to avoid excessive room as too much space can cause excessive shifting and ultimately lead to discomfort while walking.  

Ensure Mid Cushioning

Arguably, midsoles are the most important aspect of shoes. While buying walking shoes, you will want to ensure that the midsoles are made of a cushioning material. This area of the shoe lies between the upper shoe part and the tread.

You will want to gauge the midsoles with your hands to determine their softness and resiliency.

Beware the Out Soles

You will want to look for a pair of walking shoes with outer soles that have good traction. The shoe part that makes contact with the ground is known as an outsole. You will want to assess this under part of the shoe and ensure that there are grooves.

Shoes with groovy outsoles help create traction when you walk, eventually preventing you from slipping and falling.

Ensure Good Shock Absorption

Another tip for choosing the best walking shoes is to check the shoe’s resiliency via an assessment of shock absorption with quality in the shoe soles. Your feet should feel well-cushioned and protected.

Your insoles must be suitable to your foot shape and provide support. The primary job of insoles is shock absorption – aka – absorbing the feet’s impact on the shoe.

Assess Breathability

Understandably, your feet are more likely to sweat when you are walking and getting your heart rate up. 

You will also want to assess the breathability of each shoe. You will want to ensure that you have a sow with a breathable membrane.

Also, make sure to wear breathable socks as well when you are walking.

Try Out Shoes in the Evening

Now, this might come off as a bit surprising – but – when you go to buy walking shoes, you will want to hit the stores in the evening. The underlying reason is that everyone’s ankles and feet will swell at least to some extent over the course of the day.

This indicates that it is better to try shoes in the later afternoon or evening instead of in the morning.

Try Shoes with Socks

When trying out your walking shoes before buying them, you will want to bring a pair of your own socks. This way, you will be able to get a better idea of how well the shoes fit you. You will want to try on the shoes with whatever kind of socks you usually wear – whether that means high, low, thin, or thick socks.

Measure Your Feet

Each time you go shopping for shoes, you should measure your feet. Believe us – the size of your feet can change slightly over time, which is why they need to be measured.

You can measure your feet yourself with the shoe sizer usually available in shoe stores. Or – you could have a friend, family member, or store employee help you measure your feet.

Wiggle Your Toes

When you put a pair of shoes on, you will want to wiggle your toes and see if you have enough space in them. Ideally, you should have at least half an inch of room between the tip of your longest toe and the front wall of the toe box.

Once you have the shoes on, you shouldn’t feel shy to walk around the store to see whether your chosen pair of shoes are comfy. You could even try out a mini sprint to see how they feel on your feet.

Make sure to choose shoes that feel comfortable and supportive. Walking is the primary activity you will be doing in the shoes, which is why walking around in the store is essential and being sure that you are making the right choice.

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