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100% Legit Or A Scam? (2023)

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100% Legit Or A Scam? (2023)

Maybe some questions in your mind, Is Entre nation legit? Is Entre Institute a pyramid scheme? Is Entre blueprint legit? And many more doubts.

This is a complete Entre Institute Review of 2023.

I’m Somraj Mandal, Founder, and CEO of Noni4all. After researching it in depth, I completed a review of the Entre Institute and Jeff Lerner.

Let’s get started.

What is Entre Institute?

Entre Institute is an online learning platform which is founded by Jeff Lerner. Entre Institure Provide affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and Business Training. It is an Online Business Model.

The main goal of the Entre Institute is to educate people and help people to build their own Digital assets including Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and Websites.

The learning package of the Entre Institute has many types of Courses. From low-quality to High-quality access that will cost you about $50,000. This is a high-ticket inline scheme that tempts you to pay more to get more features.

Who is Jeff Lerner? (Jeff Lerner Review)

Jeff Lerner
Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner is an entrepreneur, speaker, Digital Marketer, author, and musician. He was born and raised in Texas. Jeff spent much of his early life working on his passion, playing Piano which introduced him to high-class entrepreneurs and businesses.

Jeff was at the lowest point of his life. He has the usual cries of being in debt, kicked out of the house, and left by his wife. He Has a debt of $400000 in his Restaurant franchise. After struggling for nine months, it was finally in 2008. At the age of 29, after many failures, he finally, Jeff built his own digital business online.

Since then, Jeff Lerner has built an online community to help each and every people to learn about Digital assets in his Enter Nation and Enter Nation Elite Facebook groups.

Entre Institute Company Profile

What are the Main Products of  Entre Institute?

1. Entre Blueprint

Entre Blueprint is a 6-step training to help you physically, professionally, and personally. The joining cost of this Entre Blueprint Training Program is $39.

Step #1:

In The First Module of this course, you will learn about the 3P of a great life.

Here are the 3 P’s :

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Physical

Step #2:

In this Module,  you’ll learn what it takes to accomplish your Need, It is a very detailed action plan that explains how all these works and What practically happens in society, about common sense and belief systems.

Step #3:

It takes you through the three stages of building your legacy which will teach you how to grow and become wealthy.

Step #4:

Here, you will learn about how to build an affiliate marketing business or become a Business Owner.

For example, If you opened a coffee shop here it would cost you $250,000 to get started, without paying an employee’s salary or such type of stuff.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling other people products that cost them time, effort, and money. It makes a commission when it sells online through an affiliate link that is coded on your website.

Step #5:

In this module, Jeff Lerner compares e-commerce vs. brick-and-mortar businesses here. why starting a physical business is much more difficult and more expensive than starting one online

Additionally, Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce site, has no storefronts. On the other hand, Brick and mortar stores have invested heavily in online shopping.

Step #6:

In the final stage, you will learn, How to build an online business. One-to-one Consultation by the adviser is provided. A Master plan will be developed with your advisor based on your Profile and Interested.

2. Entre NATION Elite

Entre Nation Elite is a training membership and community which is mainly focused on entrepreneurship and internet business. The enrolling fees of this program cost about $175 one-time/year or $67 per month.

This program gives you access to weekly live webinars with Jeff Lerner and his team where they talk about digital marketing. It has a private Facebook group called Entre NATIONAL Elite where these weekly training sessions will be held.

3. Millionaire Productivity Secrets

The Enrolling cost of the Millionaire Productivity Secrets is $67. This course provides you with how you can master Productivity via Proper planning;

  • Dreaming of your perfect future
  • Create a successful plan
  • Setting super-productive goals
  • Optimizing your schedule, environment, external brain, calendar, “to-do list” and more.

4. Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator

The Enrolling cost of the Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator is $1997. It is very expensive. This course is not taught by Jeff himself, there is some experienced Affiliate Marketer there.

In my experience, I see people selling courses but not actually doing what they say and their earnings come from their courses. 

The course instructor claims that several of his affiliate marketing niches are doing extremely well, exceeding 7 figures per year. Moreover, in this course, you will learn about email marketing, building your list, writing converting emails, creating converting sales funnels, choosing the right niche, and many more things.

5. Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator

Joining the Entre Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator costs around $1997. This course is specially designed to help people to take their passion, skills, and gifts and give them to the world in the most effective and profitable way. Here, you will learn about product functionality and market research, the technology behind digital courses, launching, marketing, and fulfillment.

6. ENTRE Inner Circle

Enter the inner circle is mainly focused on five pillars of entrepreneurship, The Entre Inner Circle program gives you access to 12 monthly “virtual intensives” with Jeff and his team.

7. Entre Institute Digital Bundle

Enter Institute Digital Bundle has 3 modules to maximize your online income-generating efforts, you can get a discount by selecting the digital bundle. The Cost of this Bundle is $3997.

The price is quite high. So you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment. 

8. ENTRE Coaching

 In ENTRE Coaching, you will meet once a week,  if you want additional mentorship along with those three courses. This is especially those people who want an extra helping hand.

How Much Does it cost to join Entre Institute Cost?

To Join Entre Institute, you can either buy low tickets or buy high tickets. You can join for just $39 in Blueprint Course, but you’ll need to upgrade for high-ticket upsells.

Jeff and his company will use the same approach as the Super Affiliate Network, where you must purchase upgrades to unlock the full course and qualify for commissions.

 Here are the prices for each upgrade:

  • Enter Institute Blueprint: $39
  • Enter Nation Elite: $49 per month or $348 per year
  • Enter Institute Digital: $1997 one time
  • Enter Institute Results: $15,000 per year
  • Entre Institute Inner Circle: $29,999 per year

So, you will need to upgrade your Blueprint several times to gain access to courses where advanced techniques are taught.

Entre Institute Affiliate Program

Here is the payout of the Affiliate Programme of Entre Institure Company on different product categories as follows:

Product Category Products Included Earning Range (Per Referral)
Front End ENTRE Blueprint
Millionaire Productivity
Secrets Millionaire Accelerator
$4.20 – $210
Digital Courses Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator
Agency Millionaire Accelerator
Course Millionaire Accelerator
$400 – $2400
Memberships Entre Nation Elite $6 – $12/month ~$35 – $70 per year
Coaching Entre Coaching $800 – $12000
Mastermind Inner Circle $100 – $20,000

Who is Entre Institute For?

Entre Institute is a Digital Learning platform for digital entrepreneurs who are interested in making money online. Also, it is a Lucrative Affiliate Program. So, it is for advanced marketers to improve their knowledge, skills, and income.

To Sum up, for Entre Institute:

  • Digital entrepreneurs
  • Email marketer
  • Social media marketers
  • Beginner Affiliate Marketers
  • Advanced Affiliate

Is Entre Institute a Pyramid Scheme?

No. Entre Institute is not a pyramid scheme. Since there is no downline or Team Building Work, you need to do and you can only pay for bringing people into the scheme, this is a legitimate affiliate marketing program.

On the other hand, Entre Institute offers a series of courses on digital marketing in various forms, which again makes it a legitimate scheme.

Is Entre Institute a Scam?

No, Entre Institute is not a Scam and does not appear to be a scam. Anyone can join the company and access all that is offered. At the same time affiliate commission can be earned by selling his products. Moreover, You can learn about the methods Jeff Lerner uses to make money online and how to apply them

However, I don’t recommend Enter Institute as there are better and cheaper options out there.  Also, I find it unethical to lie about the full cost of the course. You’re told that for $39, you get a course that walks you through every step. In addition, there are some reports that Jeff Lerner is a serial scammer creating fake funnels to promote the Jeff Entre Institute, which is a serious warning sign.


So, here is the Final word of my Entre Institute review, it is not a scam. This is a valid course. Also, it is more than just a course. This is a high-ticket scheme. There’s nothing illegal about the business model Jeff applies to get their client.

Starting an online business does not have to be an expensive venture. The reason why affiliate marketing and e-commerce are so popular among the masses is that you can start with a small budget. 

I hope you got complete information about Entre Institute from this review. Before buying this program, decide for yourself, whether it is really beneficial for you or not.

Now, I want to know you:

Why do you want to really Pursue your career in Digital Marketing and Business Field?

Let me know in the comments section now.

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