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5 Reasons You Are Not Working Out

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5 Reasons You Are Not Working Out

Exercising daily is exhausting, I mean why can’t we just lay in bed and relax? And just do not move at all? We have a plethora of reasons when it comes to giving excuses of why we do not exercise much. You would be surprised to see what this blog is about, the main purpose of the blog is to make you realize your lousy excuses are costing you your life and a healthy life routine. Exercise and eating healthy is important we all know but do we understand how our excuses are the main reason we are not moving forward anymore? How we are just making excuses to not have a prolong healthy life? Exercising daily might not add some more years to your life but it would definitely add some quality to your life.
Following are a few reasons that are becoming a hindrance to your healthy and active lifestyle.

You Do not Enjoy

While moving away from bed and hustling is no one’s idea of enjoying life, we all like staying in bed and munching on our favorite snacks while Netflix-ing. However, this is not how simple the life is, in order to get a desired body and active and healthy lifestyle, one should move from their bed to a gym or at least a yoga mat. In order to make exercising more enjoyable and fun, you can add some of your favourite songs to your gym playlist, or go with a friend or a partner to the gym or you can also opt for dance classes as well. They motivate you to perform better and that later results in keeping you healthy and active.

Quitting is Easy

No matter what you are doing, inconsistency is one thing that you must not keep on doing whatever job you are at. People who are generally inconsistent fail at life and that is one reason that people leave exercising too. It is pretty normal to hear how gyms are full on the first of every month and later the whole month we keep delay going. That is one of the reason why we fail to continue living actively too, we find quitting too easy and that results in us never going back to the gym again. Therefore, quitting and inconsistency is a problem for you, make sure you are not doing it and relying on it till the last moment. It takes 21 days to develop a habit, try doing the task for 21 days at least, and then you will automatically want to be healthy.

Gym is Expensive

The current inflation has broken everyone’s back and people are hardly managing their daily bread or butter, in such circumstances going to gym can be pretty heavy on the pocket and one of the reasons why people do not enjoy active lifestyle. If money is one of the reasons why you are not going for active lifestyle or gym-ing anymore, we recommend you start exercising at home. YouTube has everything, all you have to do is search for the regular exercise the exercise that are easy for the beginners and you can be all set for it. Set a timetable and then follow it accordingly.

No Change in Body

One of the biggest demotivating factors while going for a healthy and active lifestyle is not noticing any visible changes in the body. We understand it can be pretty demotivating however, it is a long-time taking process and need you to be consistent while doing the job. Due to this very reason, people leave exercising and then fall back to their old unhealthy ways of living. It is imperative for an individual to give themself some time, your body needs time to adjust to a new timetable and you can then continue with the lifestyle. Give some time to it and enjoy the new lifestyle.

You are Stressed

Exercise helps in releasing the stress, but stress is one of the main reasons why people are so lazy leaving the bed and workout more. We strongly suggest and believe to drag yourself out of the bed and try to make some movements. Once you start adding it in your routine you would realize how it is helping you in releasing the stress as well.

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