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Essential Remedies for Recurring UTIs

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Are you suffering from repeated UTIs and looking for natural solutions? If yes – then you are here at the right place.

Let us have a look at some natural ways to help you prevent recurring UTIs. If you have had UTI before, there is a great chance that you might be familiar with some of the below-mentioned tips – and it is okay to have a reminder – but there might be some new things on the list too.

Read on to learn more!

Drink More Water

Now the first tip is to drink water. We know that drinking water helps with the bladder infection and helps prevent bladder infections. The underlying reason for this is that the bacteria that can invade the bladder and multiply have little leg-like projections that can stick to the walls of the bladder.

So, when the bacteria stick to the walls of the bladder, they get a firm hold and multiply, instigating a bladder infection in the first place.

The general remedy is to be drinking water – but – you will want to avoid overdrinking. And, if you have a health problem preventing you from drinking too much water, you will want to get medical advice before you start to increase your water intake.

If you have UTI, you will want to check out the best online UTI treatment as well to get the best medical advice – irrespective of where you are. Referring to water intake should be about six to eight cups of six ounces.

Instead of drinking all the water at once – you will want to keep sipping water throughout the day. This way, the bladder will constantly be filling, and then it will empty well. Suddenly drinking large amounts of water will cause the bladder to rapidly expand – and you will also get pain when the bladder quickly contracts.

The essential thing that you will want to do is to keep drinking steadily throughout the day, which is essentially a good prevention against UTI.

Be Mindful about Intimate Health

You might have heard about the term honeymoon cystitis, which is when E.coli bacteria get into the bladder and causes a burning sensation – or UTI. You can prevent honeymoon cystitis by emptying your bladder immediately before or after intimacy.

The other potential thing that you can do is use a water-based lubricant. If you check out the labels on the lubricant bottles, you see that it is either a water-base or oil or petroleum base where the oil or petroleum is the first ingredient.

The water-based lubricant will wash off readily, whereas an oil-based lubricant is hard to wash off as it tends to stick to the skin, which makes the bacteria stay in the oil-based lubricant.

Also, when you wash, always use just water instead of soap or perfumed toiletry in the intimate area. You could also consider using some vaginal estrogen – especially if you have hit menopause. When women hit menopause, their vaginal tissues aren’t as nourished, making them more susceptible to a bladder infection.

There is a breakdown in the bladder lining, and the bladder opening becomes much wider. After consulting your doctor, you can use vaginal estrogen as a cream to nourish the tissues in this area and prevent UTI.

Empty Your Bladder Fully

If you suffer from tight pelvic floor muscles, you might be surprised how much urine is actually left in the bladder. So, to empty your bladder properly and to ensure that all the urine comes out – so it doesn’t just sit there and congregate with bacteria; make sure to properly sit on the toilet seat.

Don’t make the mistake of hovering above it, which some people do when using public toilets. When you sit down to empty your bladder and lean forward, the pelvic floor muscles can relax, and your bladder can empty well.

Another thing that you want to be mindful of when emptying your bladder is that you will want to take your time. We are all guilty of trying to rush through the act of emptying out bladder.

So, you will want to take your time to fully empty your bladder. If you think you are having problems emptying everything, you can do a technique where you squeeze the pelvic floor to completely empty your bladder.

Drink Cranberry Juice

You can drink cranberry juice or take cranberry tablets. Research has proven that cranberry juice is effective against bladder infections. It was a wide-held false belief that cranberry juice could potentially make the bladder urine more acidic.

Cranberry juice has a chemical that stops the little bacteria from getting their legs into the bladder wall and sticking to multiply. You will want to consume light cranberry juice with no added sugar – once a cup daily.

You can get cranberry juice in tablet form as well.

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