October 4, 2023


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How To Lose 45 Lbs In 16 Weeks

How To Lose 45 Lbs In 16 Weeks

Have you gained 40+ lbs and you are stuck on how to lose it?  Nick shows us how he dropped 45 lbs in 16 weeks with Hitch Fit.  I could not be more proud of his hard work.  Week by week as he sent in updates he proved to me just how locked in he was to make the needed changes in his life to get a great body and great health.



16 Week Results!!

Starting Weight: 214 lbs.

Ending Weight: 167.4 lbs.

RESULTS: down 46.6 lbs.

Starting Stomach: 40”

Ending Stomach: 32”

RESULTS: down 8”

Nicks Story

What an incredible journey! First, I have to thank my beautiful wife (my inspiration) for giving me the nudge I

needed to start this journey.

Let us flash back to Spring of 2022… I am at the doctor’s office for my yearly physical. I am 6’ 1” tall, slightly

overweight (think I was around 210lbs at the time), and my blood pressure was rather high being borderline

grade-1 hypertension.

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The doctor quickly went right for the easy ‘goto’ saying I need to start taking medicine to control it. I asked about going the diet and exercise route to stay away from just popping a pill, but he informed me that would not help with my high blood pressure, and I should start taking the medication instead…

Needless to say, I did not pick up the prescription. I started to watch what I was eating and tried my best to control portion sizes.

5 months after the physical I was talking with my wife, and she asked if I would like to do a couples workout

boot camp for a ‘few weeks’.

I know she really wanted to do one with me as she has always been regularly active with exercising, and I enjoy lounging around…

“Sure let’s do it!” I say… we agreed on the 16-week Couples Boot Camp Program with Hitch Fit… *gulp* 16 weeks is going to be rough… was the thought in the back of my mind.

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Here we are now, 16 weeks later, and I feel FANTASTIC! Both physically and mentally.

The results of this program were unimaginable 16 weeks ago (week after Thanksgiving), and yes, I pushed through the program during the holidays where I love to eat all that bad stuff! I enjoy stats, so I am going to layout some interesting

health improvements right from the health app on my smartwatch, which I have worn pretty much every day for

the past 16 months.

Average resting heart rate down from 78 bpm to 61 bpm.

Average walking heart rate down

from 98 bpm to 86 bpm.

VO2 Max (cardio fitness) went up from below average to above average 39.2 – 43.2 which indicates that my cardio fitness and endurance went up a lot…

I know you all are waiting for this one… I have been keeping an eye on it ever since the doctor visit and my blood pressure is now OPTIMAL!

Not going to lie, it took a lot for me to really get into it in the first 4 weeks… then I became addicted to working

out on the regular!

Anyone who is thinking about starting one of the programs with Micah at Hitch Fit, stop thinking about it and

“DO IT!” The results are totally worth it.

How To Lose 45 Lbs in 16 weeks.. Hitch Fit

This journey has changed my life and mindset. A BIG “THANK YOU” to

my wife for her never-ending support and being my biggest cheerleader, and of course to Micah who customizes every individual’s plan. I look forward to working with Micah at Hitch Fit to get myself to the next level of fitness and build muscle!

Program Choice: Couples Bootcamp


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