July 14, 2024


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Lessons I Have Learned from Strong Women

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Lessons I Have Learned from Strong Women

To me, International Women’s Day is about celebrating the strength and power of all females in our lives. The more we celebrate this, the more opportunities will arise for women in all areas.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by incredible women since I was young until now, from all different walks of life. Here are some of the most valuable lessons they have taught me.

My grandmother

“Keep boxing” as she says.. I have this phrase all through my head during the harder days of building a business. You just have to keep boxing, and you will go far.

My mother

“Hard work and mindful diligence usually pays off.” My mum has always said this and I’ve found it to be true. Hard work always pays off and never goes unnoticed. 

My sisters

Passion, intuition and resilience! Both my sisters run their own business and will tell you that you need these three qualities to get you through.

My girlfriends

My friends have taught me to love what you do, then you will never truly “work” a day in your life. Instead it feels like a passion project that you can’t wait to wake up and do! That doesn’t mean there won’t be hard times, but you will always be propelled by your passion.

Our team

Hard work and care. Truly caring will drive everything you do, especially when trying to build a mission-led and customer-first company.

The JSHealth Community 

Kindness, strength and vulnerability. 

Being vulnerable is a sign of strength, not weakness. You can be strong and kind. The JSHealth Community is so special to me and the women in it have shown me this time and time again.

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