July 25, 2024


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Simply Real Life is (almost) BACK!

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Simply Real Life is (almost) BACK!

It’s here, my friends. Simply Real Life: The Method is almost back, and it’s giving me all the feels– and here’s why:

I’ve watched this 6-week *live* program be the thing that has helped so many women like you (over 1,000+!) stop the all-or-nothing mentality with their health, re-wire their brain, get out of their own way, learn to read the signals of their body better AND create more freedom, intuition and trust in their own body. All of this, so that you can live a more effortlessly healthy life.

But here’s the thing–

It’s not about another ~trendy~ crash diet plan or excessive (and obsessive) workout regimen. It has nothing to do with counting calories, restricting “bad” foods or being hard on your body in any way, shape or form.

This method is about coming home to yourself.

I teach you how to make tiny shifts in your food habits, while integrating the irreplaceable inner work on your thoughts, emotions and mindset– so you can ultimately create an effortlessly healthy life that LASTS.

It’s all deeply and magically connected. And until we’re ready to go deeper, nothing really changes.

But, it doesn’t have to be painful or extreme. In fact, I’ve designed this program to be intentional and full of EASE. Will it take time and effort to rewire some old patterns? Yes. But will you feel immediately lighter, calmer and healthier because of it? 1000 percent.

In Simply Real Life, I hand you a framework for eating well AND taking care of yourself in a way that works for you specifically— so you can do the things that matter most to you and create a vibrantly healthy life in every way.

So… what’s inside?

You’ll get 6 weeks of weekly podcast lessons, *live* weekly coaching with me, Q + A calls, one-on-one help and access to me whenever you need it!

PLUS weekly assignments, mini challenges, journal prompts, meditations, inspiring recipes, and a built-in community of women ready to encourage, share, and be real with one another to collectively up-level their lives.

Get on the waitlist here, because we have a special PRESALE price that opens up later today (just to those on this list!)

Here’s what I know–

You need all of these things— what you eat, how you think, and how you care for yourself— to be aligned and nourished to create a healthy lifestyle that actually lasts.

I’m here to help you tune in, upgrade old programming, understand who you are and what your body needs to thrive and to simplify the whole process so it becomes automatic and easy. A flexible framework you carry with you through all your days, instead of a set of rigid rules.

Ready to learn more and enroll when doors open?

Join the waitlist today right here so you’re first in line for this transformative program when we open up registration! I can’t wait to watch your health & everything else around you flourish.

The doors to Simply Real Life: The Method are almost open!

Get on the waitlist here so you can  access to our special PRESALE EARLYBIRD price, before the doors open to the public!

note: *the price for SRL The Method will be increasing next year, so if you’ve ever thought about wanting to do it, this could be your year!

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