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The Truth Will Set You Free

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The Truth Will Set You Free

In the video earlier mentioned, I’m interviewed by Jason Shurka, writer of many books1 about sacred knowledge, the elevating of consciousness and the electrical power we have within just.

When my concentrate has often been to assist people today take command of their well being and reach exceptional well-being by addressing standard life-style things, in latest a long time, it is grow to be essential to also enlighten folks about the international forces that are hoping to seize handle, with the final intention of doing away with human rights and freedoms, together with your medical independence.

It’s develop into imperative to comprehend what these larger forces are making an attempt to attain, due to the fact they’re driving The Excellent Reset agendas, which encompass each individual factor of our lives, which includes food stuff and health and fitness treatment. If you do not have an understanding of what their aim is, you will naively go together and develop into an unwitting sufferer.

Google Is at the Main of the World Cabal

As I clarify in the job interview, Google is a main powerbase of this international cabal, usually referred to as the Deep State — a concealed energy structure centered on wealth and fiscal affect powering (and earlier mentioned) the particular person governments of the world — because the cabal’s manage powers hinge on electronic surveillance and social engineering.

The two demand massive quantities of details on each individual individual, and synthetic intelligence to forecast and handle behaviors. Google is the premier controller of knowledge and owns the most state-of-the-art AI corporation in the planet. By means of their look for motor by itself, Google controls at minimum 93% and probably over 95% of what people today are ready to see.

They hold the keys to the understanding of humanity, stored on the net. And if they will not like what you say, they can bury you to the stage where you generally cease to exist. You have no attain, no voice.

I am no stranger to this censorship procedure, as I have been below assault ever since I began my web-site 25 years ago. In 2018, Google at last pulled the plug on me and buried my articles or blog posts in the deepest recesses of its lookup motor.

Now, what you discover about me are article content that discredit me. You also have to dig deep into the lookup final results to obtain good information and facts relating to wellbeing, diet and medicine in general.

There Are Quite a few Concentrations of Censorship

Whilst a lot more and much more persons are turning into conscious that censorship is taking place on social media, there are a lot of other ranges of censorship that people today never listen to much about.

Payment processors, for case in point, are deplatforming folks for sights expressed online. PayPal can wonderful you $2,500 for infractions involving wrongthink. Banks are shutting down credit history playing cards and lender accounts. Domains are booting people’s web sites. YouTube is banning and getting down accounts.

Mainstream media publishes smear pieces that get major billing in lookup outcomes, which drives people away from you. Social media platforms can shadow ban you, which throttles your achieve, and they can bar posts from certain websites from becoming shared. Google buries lookup effects that go in opposition to a specified narrative.

If you have the URL to the webpage you’re on the lookout for, you can get it. But most people today really don’t have that. They are exploring without the need of knowing who has the answer. And, by default, 93% of the world’s populace use Google, not recognizing that Google has been progressively filtering access to posts it believes you should not have accessibility to.

Numerous occasions, you are unable to even go past six webpages or so of lookup results. It just finishes there and all the things on site seven and over and above is unreachable. What this signifies is that the days of laypeople conducting their possess study online are over. You can not do it simply because the benefits are so tightly curated. You want to know, incredibly exclusively, what you are on the lookout for. The response to this problem is to recognize sources you believe in, and abide by the rabbit trails they give you.

Cyberwarfare Is Now Par for the Course

On the extraordinary conclude, they are employing cyberwarfare to take out the opposition. My website was cyberattacked and taken offline in late September 2022. They also ruined our e mail servers.

Whilst we have been unable to detect the hackers, my website was labeled a “countrywide protection threat” by British and American intelligence businesses back in January 2021, and they were reportedly collaborating to reduce “anti-vaccine propaganda” applying refined cyberwarfare equipment.2,3,4

We have since migrated to working with Substack as the primary repository for article content, as the subscription solution presents us with some stage of protection from censorship, when our on the net retail outlet is continue to on Mercola.com. Content articles are only viewable for 48 several hours on Mercola.com. Just after that, they are migrated on to the compensated subscription system.

We designed the selection to do this just after I started receiving a whole lot of threats, in opposition to myself, my loved ones and my organization. It pained me to do that, but this way, subscribers of the e-newsletter can nonetheless browse every thing for no cost. You just must examine or down load it within 48 hrs of obtaining the publication in your inbox.

These who want access to the archive can sign up for a subscription on Substack for $5 a thirty day period. (Substack revenues are utilised to fund partner businesses these as the Nationwide Vaccine Facts Center and numerous other folks.)

Web-sites made by doctors seeking to get info out about early COVID treatments had been also hacked and deleted early on in the pandemic. They are also banning and shadow banning textbooks bought on the net, and they manipulate scores and assessments of publications to thwart sales.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren basically demanded Amazon ban the sale of my e-book “The Truth of the matter About COVID-19.” She failed to do well and it became a No. 1 seller. I ended up suing Warren in excess of that. I also sued Google and YouTube for breach of agreement when they deleted my account for a group guideline violation they’d implemented that very same early morning.

The Disinformation Dozen Hoax

In the summertime of 2020, a just one-person corporation with undisclosed funding5 and suspect connections6 popped on to the scene. The group, known as the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), instantly started out publishing a series of fabricated stories proclaiming a small range of men and women were accountable for making “vaccine hesitancy.”

In “The Anti-Vaxx Playbook,”7 printed in July 2020, the CCDH identified six leading on line “anti-vaxxers” — Barbara Loe Fisher, Joseph Mercola, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sherri Tenpenny and Andrew Wakefield — and our alleged “strategy to attack a forthcoming COVID vaccine.”

In March 2021, the CCDH posted its most extensively circulated report, “The Disinformation Dozen,”8 in which I was again elevated as the foremost misinformation spreader. According to the CCDH, a mere 12 individuals ended up responsible for almost two-thirds of all anti-vaccine material on social media.

In August that 12 months, Facebook’s vice president of written content plan, Monika Bickert, issued a rebuttal9,10 to the CCDH’s report, indicating there was no proof to assist its statements. Soon after conducting its individual investigation, Fb located that we, the so-termed disinformation dozen, were in simple fact accountable for only a small portion — .05% — of all vaccine content on Facebook.

Needless to say, media and governing administration officers fully dismissed Facebook’s correction and “The Disinformation Dozen” report has been routinely made use of to justify the censoring of us ever given that. In January 2022, the CCDH published nevertheless another report11 claiming Substack generates a lot more than $2.5 million in income each year from “anti-vaccine newsletters.” I was again the main goal.

Funny ample, in that report, the CCDH claimed that “The New York Moments explained … Joseph Mercola as the most influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online in 2021.” In the meantime, The New York Situations cited12 the CCDH as the source of that assert!

So, the CCDH utilizes media stories of its have fabricated claims to assistance fresh new sets of defamatory statements. Which is how the sport is played, individuals! It is really a shut loop. Former Home speaker Nancy Pelosi once referred to this tactic as “the wrap-up smear.”

The Worldwide Cabal

Finding back again to the world-wide cabal, the Deep Condition, or what Shurka refers to as the Mafia, there is solid collaboration between structured criminal offense and U.S. military services intelligence likely back again to Globe War II. Investigative journalist Whitney Webb aspects this historical past in her two-volume reserve, “One particular Nation Under Blackmail.”

Even though numerous would like a in depth listing of each one human being who is aspect of this cabal, these types of a listing is just about irrelevant. Lots of who belong on these types of a checklist probably do not even know they’re doing the cabal’s bidding. I like Catherine Austin Fitz’s time period, “Mr. World wide.” Hundreds could most likely be discovered as participating in a role in Mr. Global’s scheme, but realizing their names will never always correct everything.

It can be their ideology and their overarching plan for reaching world-wide domination, a a single entire world government, that requirements to be totally understood. Then, it isn’t going to matter who is doing what. When you see another person, anybody, pushing that ideology and that system, you know the remedy is to go in the reverse path.

That stated, we know this cabal involves (but is not limited to) numerous of the wealthiest households on the earth — households whose prosperity is multigenerational and spans generations. Most of these men and women are not in the public eye at all. They continue to be hidden, but their wealth has purchased impact in all places affect is wanted.

Substantially of that affect-peddling is accomplished by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations, and it would not make any difference who runs all those NGOs. Their mandates nonetheless help and further more Mr. Global’s lengthy-phrase approach.

So, it really is significantly additional important to fully grasp the major picture, the end goal, and the measures they are having to get to that purpose, than to be in a position to point fingers at any given person. You can eliminate most of the people suspected of becoming part of the cabal and the system will continue to go forward, simply because it is really far even larger than any supplied particular person.

Can We Adjust Training course?

The issue is, is the circumstance hopeless, or is there some thing we can do to halt them from turning the globe into a digital jail earth? I will not know if we can end them, but I do believe we will have to check out. My private perception is that they’re in a self-destructive sample. They think they’re smarter than anyone else, and a whole lot smarter than they really are, which might in the end final result in their downfall.

But they do hold all the cards, and they have all the prosperity and the ability. And, this is vital to comprehend: Their incentive is not based in a need to get more revenue. They really don’t want a lot more revenue. They’re virtually generating revenue out of slim air. They handle all the fiat currencies and central banking institutions in the environment. No, it is about electric power and manage. They want the energy to handle anything and all people.

But I feel it can be going to backfire. In some ways, it by now has. They went far too significantly, much too fast throughout the COVID pandemic, and they confirmed their hand as well quite a few times. For instance, we now know the governing administration is willing and in a position to seize your financial institution account if they will not like who you might be donating income to.

We know they’re inclined and ready to lock whole nations down, with or with no excellent lead to. We know they are prepared and in a position to ignore and circumvent human and Constitutional legal rights. They’re keen to destroy the educational foundation of thousands and thousands of kids for a long time on conclude.

We have uncovered a large amount about the lengths they are keen to go to in purchase to get what they want and quash what they don’t. We have acquired our intelligence companies are coercing private companies to censor and violate the legal rights of Us citizens at their behest, and we can see they’ve weaponized the justice method and any variety of federal businesses.

6 ‘Self-Defense’ Strategies

Understanding all of that, and being familiar with that The Wonderful Reset is an enslavement system, I feel the ideal protection approach is to:

  1. Optimize your wellness — In the job interview, I evaluation why it really is so significant to get regular solar publicity, how getting rid of omega-6 linoleic acid from your food plan will improve your well being, and the rewards of time-restricted consuming.
  2. Develop into much more self-reliant and have backup ideas for when the systems you’ve got relied on are dismantled.
  3. Get the job done on forming communities that are prepared to operate with each other outside of this new enslavement procedure.
  4. Disengage from the program as a great deal as possible — A superior commencing point is ditching all Google products and solutions, as they are all component of the surveillance grid. Surely quit employing Gmail, as they censor your inbox without having you even recognizing it.
  5. Refuse to go together with The Wonderful Reset agenda — This features refusing vaccine passports, electronic id and central lender electronic currencies (CBDCs), as all of these will be used to micromanage and control how you dwell your everyday living.
  6. Establish trusted resources and improve how you get your info — You can require to be proactive when it arrives to details gathering as most research engines deliver hugely curated product. Most truthful resources are censored, so you might have to have to get into the practice of going specifically to their internet site, for case in point, or signing up for individual newsletters.

I suspect matters will get much worse before they get greater. They have a great deal of power and handle, and they’re likely to use it. They have not performed all their playing cards nonetheless. But if ample people today commence transferring in the reverse direction of where The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 is getting us, if we start off moving towards decentralization and self-sustainable dwelling as a substitute of accepting more centralized electrical power buildings, then their management procedure may drop apart sooner fairly than afterwards.

The Truth Will Set You Free

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