July 25, 2024


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5 Fitness Tips for All 90s Not-So-Babies-Babies

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5 Fitness Tips for All 90s Not-So-Babies-Babies

Calling all our 90s babies who are either in their late twenties or in early thirties, we understand how your knee bones must be cracking and you would have an undesirable pain in your pain. Things do get pretty messy when you are entering your 30, you need to be extra careful about your health, take your multivitamins and ensure you are exercising regularly. As much as you must have heard about these fitness details, following them sometimes can become pretty hectic. Like most people at this age, you must be spending most of your time sitting on a office chair or a couch. However, this is not how it should be, it is the time you take your health in your hands and ensure your bones are all set and strong by the time you are in your forties and fifties.

Following are a few fitness tips that you must adopt in your lifestyle and be the active lady even in your later life.

walk regular

We know, you have heard about it enough, and there is no way this is a news for you, but let us tell you one think, regular walk can go a long way. It is important for you to understand how you can have the right sense of body posture, how it increases the stamina of a person and how it ensure you are all active and healthy even in your late 60s. People do not generally pay much heed to it and do not go for it. This is one of the reasons we truly believe setting a reminder or getting a smart watch to keep a watch on your daily walk routine is important as it reminds a person to be healthier.

Get a Smart Watch

No you do not need to spend thousand bucks on iWatch, I mean if you want or you can, do that by all means. A smart watch is pretty handy for workout, it does not only tell time but would also keep a complete track on your overall workout routine. One thing that you must understand while starting workout routine is to ensure you are following the right tracks and motivating you to perform better and harder. Trust us, it works miracles and you workout more when you have it. And not just that, you can do a lot with a smart watch, it is like having a personal assistant for yourself.

I know it is a very weird suggestion to give to someone but trust us, one of the biggest mistakes that you are making as a person is just sitting around all day long. Do not do that, you are accumulating all the weight around your lower abdomen and that would not only result in making you fat but also lazy and add other health issues too. Spend as much as of your time standing and walking, even if you think your regular routine requires you to stay at one place sitting the whole day, make sure you are leaving your seat at least once in 3 hours and taking a walk around.

Fidget During Work


I hope no one works in an absolute boring workplace where you just have to behave like you are in a military school, I mean even if you do there is no harm in that however you just have to ensure you are moving your body a bit even if your job requires you to sit all day. Fidgeting while you are sitting can help creating a movement on your upper body and while it does not replace the need to exercise, it does the minimum job a person needs to perform. Or if your workplace allows, replace your chair with an exercise ball and it will do the job.

Clean Your House

Cleaning is the best exercise; trust me you would not understand how convenient it is to clean and be fit. Cleaning requires you to move frequently, you have to do multiple sit-ups if you are not using any electronics. It is important for you to ensure you are having the right tools to clean and even if you are not the regular hand would do the job and would need you to move a lot. Since you are moving you are activating an active lifestyle for yourself which is highly encouraged by all the fitness experts. 

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