July 25, 2024


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How to Help an Athlete Who is a Picky Eater

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What do you do for fueling your young athlete who’s not easy to feed?

In this video, I share what works in my household, and some tips to help break through picky-eating habits.

Athletes of every age require more fuel and calories so they can perform in their sport and maintain energy and muscle mass. But many parents approach me with the dilemma of trying to feed their young athlete who’s not interested in what’s put in front of them at the table.

I always encourage parents to look at their own ‘picky’ eating habits also, to see how they are possibly setting an example, as kids will pick up on what you’re doing.

Watch to learn about my approach of serving family-style meals. Instead of having a pre-made plate of food put in front of your athlete with no other options, this style has multiple food dishes set out on the table for serving yourself. Why do I recommend this meal style as much as possible? It encourages an intuitive eating approach that allows them to choose what they want, and to control how much.

Watch my example of a breakfast family-style meal with multiple options of food, and the importance of always introducing new food. Plus I explain how to balance their plate with the ideal portions of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables or fruit, depending on how active they are. 

👉 TIP – Did you know that getting them involved in the shopping and cooking process will help them more likely want to eat the food that they helped prepare? See my post for tips on involving your kids: 5 Steps to Making A Healthy Family.

Are you concerned your young athlete is at risk of disordered eating? Don’t wait to get professional help!

Contact me any time to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, so we can discuss your particular situation and goals.

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