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Running Injury : Ankles Hurt Remedy ~ Nutrition guide | Diet Plan

Running Injury : Ankles Hurt Remedy ~ Nutrition guide | Diet Plan

Running Injury : Ankles Hurt Remedy

After running a lot, you may suffer from ankle pain. In such cases you can follow some home remedies. Sometimes after running or brisk walking, you may experience pain in your ankles. The pain can sometimes make it difficult to walk or even sleep.

Apart from this you may face difficulties in doing your daily activities. Sometimes even a slight stretch can cause muscle pain. The pain may worsen even after waking up suddenly. 

There could be many reasons like you didn’t warm up before starting the race or your legs hurt. Besides, you might not be wearing the right shoes or you might not be doing the right exercises.

All of these reasons can cause pain in your calves. Although this injury is very common and athletes may experience this pain easily, if the muscle tension is high, do not ignore the problem or the pain may worsen. Learn about it and home remedies in this article.

If There Is Pain In The Ankle, These Symptoms Are Seen

  • Mild swelling
  • Redness at the painful site
  • Bruises and cramps
  • Difficulty standing on your feet

Remedies For Ankle Pain

If you have just started running, you may feel a little sore. You need to rest well for this. But if this problem happens to you frequently, you should make sure that you warm up properly before running. Also, keep your body hydrated as dehydration increases the chances of injury.

You can also use an ice pack or oil massage if the muscles are sore. Besides, you can also focus on your form to ignore the pain. In fact, many athletes start running slowly so that the body is ready for running and the chance of injury is reduced. Many times, if you first start running fast, the injury will be worse.

It can also cause stiffness and cramps. Also, if you already have pain in your ankle, you should not take any risk and start exercising only after consulting your trainer. Carelessness can lead to damage to the gastrocnemius muscle. Apart from this, knee pain can increase.

Home Remedies For Ankle Pain

You can choose the right option to avoid injury to the ankles. Like wearing the right shoes and sportswear so you can walk or run comfortably.

Stop and rest immediately in case of pain or injury. This can help the pain heal faster. If you overstretch it in any way, the pain can become unbearable.

You can apply icing to the muscles to reduce swelling and pain.You can also relax by elevating your legs for a while while sleeping to reduce swelling and pain.

Exercises To Relax The Ankle

  • Single leg squat
  • Lifting the shins
  • Stretch the ankles
  • to jump

Apart from this, in case of excessive pain or swelling, contact the doctor immediately without delay. Otherwise, the problem may worsen and you may even find it difficult to walk.