July 12, 2024


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What to know about treatments for ACL injuries | Podcast

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What to know about treatments for ACL injuries | Podcast

If you are an athlete or have watched ample sporting situations, you may possibly be common with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. They’re time-ending injuries that are frequently brought about by unexpected stops or alterations in route. But you really do not have to be an elite athlete to tear your ACL, so it’s essential to fully grasp what treatment involves.

For starters, orthopedic surgeon Nicholas Weiss supplied an encouraging statistic when he joined us on the For Health’s Sake podcast: roughly 90% of folks who get therapy for an ACL tear are able to return to their action of alternative. Even so, prosperous procedure of an ACL tear is dependent on a amount of things, which we covered all through our discussion. This consists of:

  • Indications and sorts of ACL tears
  • The significance of physical treatment for ACL restoration
  • ACL reconstruction vs . ACL repair
  • Torn ACL restoration time

Really don’t wait around to get assist

Dr. Weiss emphasizes that a tear or suspected tear should not be overlooked. “There are scientific studies that clearly show that if you wait better than a few months, the incidence of meniscus injuries and even further damage to the knee increases,” he states. So if you’re going through indicators of an ACL tear, make an appointment today. Receiving an skilled evaluation is your first stage towards shifting the way you want to.

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