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What’s a gym rat? (What type of gym rat are you? )

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What’s a gym rat? (What type of gym rat are you? )

What’s a gym rat? I define a gym rat as someone who exercises at a gym at least three times a week.

I used to be a gym rat even before I was a certified trainer because I was at the gym anywhere from three to seven days a week. From being at the gym so much, I’ve come to believe that there are seven types of gym people (make sure to watch the funny video below too!)

  1. The SPAZ: This person performs quick, spastic moves with weights, as if it’s a cardio class.
  2. The dilly-dallier: This person doesn’t really want to be in the gym and just likes to people-watch
  3. The procrastinator: This person doesn’t seem to enjoy exercise and takes excessively long breaks, delaying the next set, either by talking, texting or stretching.
  4. The socialite: This person spends most of his or her time talking to others at the gym, and it doesn’t matter who it is.
  5. The attention seeker: This is the person who grunts, belches, squeals, or slams the weights so everyone can hear and notice him or her.
  6. The serious lifter: This bodybuilder is at the gym for a reason, to gain muscle, and will probably get annoyed if you try talking to them. If you ask this person a question, don’t be surprised if he or she gives you a dirty look and says, “Don’t talk to me in the middle of my set.”
  7. Hates Exercise: This person will sit at the abductor machine, bike, or some other cardio machine, with their nose, either in a book or on their phone.

Which gym rat are you? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. I’m a combination of the socialite and the serious lifter, but it will depend on the day and how much time I have available.

Photo: yes, that’s me in the above photo performing a lat pull-down.

Press play on the laugh-out-loud, 1-minute video below to see how I roleplay all seven gym rats

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