May 25, 2024


Health Can Do

7 natural haircare ingredients that really work!

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You may have heard me say how hard it was for me to find natural haircare that worked. All that changed when I found the right expert, our biochemist Annabelle, who worked with me to develop our very own range of natural, high performance haircare.

One of the key lessons from the three year process is how key the right ingredients are. Yes, it’s important to leave out the nasties, but you can’t get results without also adding in effective amounts of science-focused actives. Here are seven of my top topical vitamins and botanicals to support optimal scalp and hair health that are 100% natural and transformational.

P.S You’ll find these in the JSH Miracle Hair Complex™, our signature blend that is infused into both our Purifying Vitamin Shampoo and Nourishing Vitamin Conditioner!

Vegan Keratin

This natural keratin provides advanced protection for your hair, rejuvenates the hair’s surface and increases strength to minimise breakage.

Pro-Vitamin B5

We love this deeply moisturising and soothing nutrient, which benefits the scalp by providing both repair and comfort, plus conditions the hair for long-lasting moisture and shine.

Vitamin C

A powerhouse water soluble antioxidant, Vitamin C works to protect your scalp and hair from free radical damage. Yes please!


This beautiful botanical is a highly soothing extract that is naturally rich in lutein to support the scalp for optimal health, which therefore is also beneficial for lush hair.

Avocado Oil

We adore it in our meals and in our haircare! Avocado Oil nourishes and repairs the scalp, whilst simultaneously working to smoothe the hair cuticle. Bonus: it also imparts a dose of glossy shine.

Vitamin E

This oil soluble antioxidant is a BFF to Vitamin C, working with it to further protect the scalp and hair from all those environmental free radicals we get exposed to.


A heavenly essential oil that brings anti-inflammatory properties and an uplifting aroma. Inhale and exhale deeply while washing!