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Bikini Body 50 Pound Weight Loss Over Age 40

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Bikini Body 50 Pound Weight Loss Over Age 40

Bikini body 50 pound weight loss over age 40

Bikini Body 50 Pound Weight Loss Over Age 40. To say that I am proud of Shauna’s amazing transformation is an understatement! What a journey we have been on! This mom of three and entrepreneur came to me with some BIG goals in August 2021. She didn’t just want to lose the weight, she truly wanted to learn the LIFESTYLE.

Shauna was tired of feeling the way that she was. Tired and uncomfortable in her own skin. I could tell that she was truly READY for a transformation.

This journey was not a fast, quick fix, scale loss journey. This was all about developing habits, and working on changing body composition, slow and steady over time. It’s the ONLY way to do this in a way that will last!!

Shauna stayed consistent and disciplined, and her body continued to change. When she decided to come on our Rockbody Retreat in Mexico with her husband Ryan, she used that as a motivator to push through the finish line of the race we started!

At the retreat, we were able to celebrate her over 50 pound weight loss and 30% body fat loss (and she is over age 40!), with an amazing beach photoshoot with photographer Dan Galic. She was SHINING! And it was so fun to see her look at herself and love how she looks and feels, all due to the work and habits that she has embraced!

Amazing job Shauna, so incredibly proud of you. You are such a bright light and a beautiful spirit. I’m blessed to have the chance to be a part of this journey with you!!

bikini body over 40

Bikini Plan for women over 40

Shauna’s Weight Loss Stats: Bikini Body 50 Pound Weight Loss Over Age 40

Starting Weight: 173.5

Ending Weight: 121.4

Starting Body Fat: 47.34%

Ending Body Fat: 16.35%

Inches Lost at Waist: 12.5 Inches (39 inches to 26.5)

Inches Lost at Hips: 8.75 Inches (43.5 to 34.75)

fit over 40 bikini body

Shauna’s Before and After Fit over 40 Bikini Body Pictures: 

bikini body plan over 40

Shauna’s Story and Hitch Fit Review: 

“In your life’s defining moments there are two choices – you either step forward in faith and power or you step backward into fear.” – James Arthur Ray

Weight Loss for Mom of 3 over 40

When I emailed Diana at Hitch Fit in August 2021, my weight was at an all-time high. I had zero confidence that I could get back on track on my own.

What I didn’t know at the time, is that this would become a defining moment in my life!

When I first met Diana, I was a busy mom of 3 kids, haven giving birth to my son at the age of 40. He was 2 at the time. I was an entrepreneur, just 9 months into running my own business. I had no time, but I knew I needed someone to force me to make time for me.

I had always loved running, but my knees hurt so bad I couldn’t run at all. I had started to convince myself that maybe running just wasn’t in the cards at my age. I was 42.

I made a lot of excuses for where I was, but I knew it wasn’t where I wanted or needed to be.

I knew whatever Diana told me to do wasn’t going to be easy, but that it would work if I I committed to it. And on the flip side, it also wouldn’t be easy to stay 50 pounds overweight! I had to do the hard thing.

My biggest struggle has always been food & nutrition. I loved how simple Diana’s meal plan for me was. I didn’t feel like I had to cook for hours or make elaborate meals. Having an air fryer was all I needed!

It also wasn’t a plan of starvation or hunger, which has often been my mode with losing weight. It was learning about how to fuel my body. And I learned that I felt so much better when I treated my body right.

50 pound weight loss

I definitely had to cut things out. I completely eliminated Diet Coke and Taco Bell, which had both been staples in my  routine. And when I say daily, I’m not joking, I went to Taco Bell almost every day.

After the first two months, I was down 18lbs and feeling like a new person. I wanted more of that feeling, which made it easier to keep going.

I started off my doing cardio 4-5 times per week and training with Diana 2 times per week. Cardio was often going for a walk. Then a year into my training, I ran in my neighborhood triathlon, and I hit my PR for a 5K. Slowly and steadily, I was able to go from walking to running to sprinting. It didn’t happen overnight, but daily consistent behavior pays off!

Working out is a time commitment, but it’s a necessary investment in your health. What if you spent 30 minutes less a day on social media and invested in your health?

Now I workout pretty much every day. I have increased my weight training to an average of 4 times per week. I have always been a cardio junkie, but now I know that weight training is really essential! It’s important to have a good mix of both. I love how much working out improves my mood too! It gives me sanity.

During this journey, I have also been going through a lot of stress at my home. I have been working on an outdoor project that was supposed to be done a year ago and is still going. We’ve had to enter into a lawsuit with our original contractor. It has been a very hard and humbling experience. It has affected my family and my business. The old me would’ve reverted to eating and drinking to cope. Instead, I leaned into my workouts, and I gave up alcohol for three months, which was an incredible experience for me. Sometimes you just need a reset.

Bikini Body 50 Pound Weight Loss over age 40

When I started working out with Diana, I said I was going to lose 50 pounds. I hit that mark 19 months later, just in time for the Rockbody Retreat in Mexico. On the retreat, I got the opportunity to take my “after” photos on the beach. Wow, did that feel good! At the end of the photo shoot, I took a photo with Diana, and it was all I could do to hold back tears.

Diana has been more to me than a trainer. She has been a mentor, a friend, a therapist, a shining light through a dark time. And she always pushes me to do more.

Through this journey, I have realized that getting back on track wasn’t just about a certain number on the scale. It was about feeling strong, confident and secure in my body.

I hope I can channel what she’s taught me and inspire other women to put themselves first for a moment, to want more out of life, to take that one step forward in power & faith!

Thank you Diana for everything, I’m eternally grateful for you!”

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