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Jaw Dropping Transformation With Autoimmune Condition

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Jaw Dropping Transformation With Autoimmune Condition

40 pound fat loss at age 40

Jaw Dropping Transformation With Autoimmune Condition. Paula is an absolute inspiration. After being diagnosed with a progressive, incurable autoimmune disorder at age 21, she found herself in a situation of bone loss, cartilage loss and eroding joints. Many people in this condition would not even attempt to work on fitness goals! But Paula had the opposite mindset, during the Covid pandemic, when health became such a critical matter, she determined to build as much strength as she possibly can in her body, and achieve her fitness goals.

Paula then went on to complete the Fitness Model Plan. This is a story of dedication and consistency. Paula and I have been working together now since June of 2021, so this didn’t happen overnight! Her persistence through every challenge (including getting Covid – which her doctors were amazed at how little she was impacted as her health had dramatically improved!), has been so inspiring to see and be a part of!

Paula did her entire plan from home. And she is one of our Online Personal Training clients who lives in Canada!

Paula did her very first fitness photoshoot to celebrate her progress! To hear her excitement and disbelief that this was really HER in her pictures, was priceless!!

fitness model plan for women

In our time together, Paula has shed over 40 pounds, has increased lean body mass and has gone from 39% body fat to a lean 10.83%. She lost 11 inches off her hips and 10 inches off her waist! Absolutely AMAZING!!

Fitness Model Plan

Paula’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats: 

Starting weight: 171 (from the beginning of her Lose Weight Plan)

Ending weight: 130

Starting body fat: 39% (beginning of Lose Weight Plan)

Ending Body fat: 10.83%

Inches Lost at Hips: 13 Inches
Inches Lost at Waist: 10 Inches

Paula’s Before and After Photos: 

Paula’s Story and Hitch Fit Review: 

This is part two of my story after completing the lose weight feel great program. I knew within myself that I wasn’t done so I created a new goal. It was to lose at least 40lbs before turning 40 years old. I really wanted to take things to the next level and always dreamed of being super fit and decided to go after that dream!

In 2018 I saw Diana on Instagram and started following for inspiration. One day while on Instagram I had noticed that someone had stolen her photo without tagging her. I had reported that account and reached out to her. She answered which surprised me and from then that dream kept calling me!

I cannot tell you how many times I went on the Hitch Fit website and looked at the success stories and hoped that one day that could be me.

fitness plans for women over 40

During the covid showdowns  I was told my outlook didn’t look good by doctors and the likelihood of survival was low due to my condition with covid being around.  The only advice they could give me was become as healthy as you possibly can.

A friend of mine started their journey already which prompted me to want to start mine. I saw the changes in my friend after a few weeks and found out that  they had a personal trainer.  I thought that they are so lucky because I was stuck at home due to my condition and they could go to the gym.

But, I remembered again while on Instagram, I saw my inspiration Diana and thought, “That’s it I’m going after my dream.”

I started with the lose weight feel great program and completed it with great results but I knew within myself that I wasn’t done, so signed up to do the Fitness model plan.

 I had setbacks with my autoimmune condition. But I didn’t let it stop me. I was diagnosed with a progressive incurable autoimmune disorder at 21 years of age.

I was told that I was the worst case scenario being at stage 4. I have bone loss, fusion and cartilage loss in some parts of my neck, and back and it is eroding the joint in my left hip and was on 4 different medications.

 When I started the program I was a third of way through the program  when myself and my son caught covid. Doctors earlier did not have good news before the programs with me being immune compromised.

Since I was doing the fitness model program it strengthened my immune system to the point to where I had little or no symptoms at all! I felt like I was missing something during recovery it was the exercise I always looked forward to it.

miracle transformation autoimmune disease

 I got back to it after 10 days and got my strength back and my doctors were shocked when I was able to have my medications reduced to just 1! I also had IBS and it is completely gone.

At the halfway point the erosion of my left hip got worse due to my condition. Since the program is modifiable, I was able to go to physiotherapy still do my cardio and continue the program to it’s end and here we are today!

I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I am able to keep up with my kids and they have a hard time keeping up with me! I am more productive at work to the point where I consistently receive recognition.

I’ve not only transformed my body but also my mindset. It has also impacted my kids as well they are more active, healthier and happier even though I did the program on my own.

  Fitness has become a part of who I am now. One of those things that brought me to the next level was waking up early and working out in the 3am hours. It’s such a powerful time only very few are willing to explore. I could see myself doing this in my 90’s I’m not ever going to stop.

Thank you so much Diana and Micah these programs have completely changed my life and even though I’m in my 40’s I feel way younger.

 Hitch Fit has been a blessing to me and my family.

Thank you, Diana and Micah, for your encouragement and for believing in me when no one else would.  Thank you for your inspiration.

To those thinking of starting do yourself a favor and stop thinking and just start. Diana and Miach are there every step of the way. You won’t regret it your future self will thank you and thank Hitch Fit.”

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