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May Seasonal Produce Guide – What’s Fresh this Month?

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May Seasonal Produce Guide – What’s Fresh this Month?

Knowing which fruits and vegetables are in season is a great way to purchase the freshest, ripest produce but also save money at the store.This May Seasonal Produce guide also comes with recipe ideas for this month’s peak produce.

Benefits of Eating Seasonal Produce

When you eat fruit and vegetables during their “season”, you often get them at their ripest and best tasting time. I think we can all agree that a hothouse tomato in December just doesn’t compare to a garden fresh tomato in August.

Sometimes when produce is grown off peak, a ripening agent has to be used, which can include the use of chemicals and heat treatments. Some research indicates that the nutritional value of some produce items aren’t as high when eating off season.

Probably one of my favorite reasons for eating seasonally is saving money. The price of certain produce depends on where you live and how far they have to ship it from but typically produce is cheaper when it’s in season. For example, a pint of strawberries in the peak of summer can often sell for only $2.50 but try buying tasteless strawberries in January and you’ll pay up to $5 for the same size!

Seasonal Produce Guide

We recently read something very interesting in relation to seasonal produce. In modern times, we often have a lot of produce available to us year round. This is great, but also lets us rely on not knowing when something is really in season. In the past, people relied on gardens or farms to grow their own produce therefore they had a better grasp on when the best time to eat blueberries is, etc.

We designed this Seasonal Produce Guide to help spotlight the fruits and vegetables in their peak this month. This obviously will vary slightly depending on where you live, but in general these are the fruits and veggies in season in May.


A peppery green that is great on salads and sandwiches. Check out the Health Benefits of Arugula here. Some of our favorite arugula dishes include –


This spring time favorite is a great addition to spring and summer meals. We are partial to the thin stalk variety since they are easier to eat.


A great source of healthy fats, avocados add such a creamy texture to almost any meal or snack.


These super food blue babies are just coming into season. Great as a snack, with a handful of nuts or even sprinkled on a salad.


Broccoli is typically available year round but in its peak currently.


Most herbs are available year round but they start hitting their peak in late spring. It’s a great time to start a herb garden if you’ve ever wanted to grow your own.

Check out My Favorite Fresh Herbs for ideas and recipes.


This popular leafy green is a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.


When sautéed, leeks are buttery soft in texture and are similar to a mild onion flavor. Great in soups or mixed with sautéed veggies and served on top of chicken.


This juicy fruit is great with many asian inspired dishes and pairs well with fish and seafood. If you are intimidated on preparing it, check out this post on How to Cut a Mango.


Growing up we hated peas but as our taste buds evolved, we have come to love this bright green, springtime vegetable.


These peppery, crisp veggies are a great addition to salads, crudite platters, and even picked on sandwiches.

We recently came across this Garlic Roasted Radishes Recipe from The Real Food RD’s and cannot wait to try it out.


My grandmother grew Rhubarb in her garden and made the best strawberry rhubarb pie. Our goal is to cook more with this beautiful red plant.

This collection of 80 Rhubarb Recipes to Make this Spring from Taste of Home looks like the best place to start.

Spring Greens

Also typically available year round, spring greens like arugula, kale, spinach and Swiss chard are hitting their peak. A great source of fiber and vitamins, try adding them into meals whenever you get the chance.

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